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EnCase® Forensic Wins Reader Trust Award - 2013 SC Magazine Awards

SC Awards EnCase v7

Powerful is the word and for numerous of times, the word has been proven to suits perfectly for this ultimately reliable digital forensic solution from Guidance Software – EnCase® Forensic. Just recently, the company announced that EnCase® Forensic was awarded the Reader Trust Award for Best Computer Forensics Tool in 2013 SC Magazine Awards, the third time in four years. The award was presented during the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Receiving the award is truly a momentous recognition as it involved a panel of large, medium, and small enterprises from all major vertical market, stretching from financial services to government institutions. The SC Magazine Awards has been giving recognition to the top notch IT security professionals and products in the industry for 16 years now.

The award winning software is considered to be the tool that provides its users with everything needed to perform effective digital investigations in a highly comprehensive and timely manner, not to mention straightforward. All while truly maintaining the forensic integrity of the gained data. What contrasts EnCase® Forensic with its competitors is the fact that it empowers the users to perform more complete investigations with the additional integration to CaseCentral's secure hosted review platform and also with security information and event managers (SIEM) for automated incident response.

TD3 Forensic Imager

tableau td3
TD3 Forensic Imager is Tableau's latest release in their forensic imager. So what is actually different from this TD3 that makes it stand out among the crowd? The answer is everything, as in everything about it is prominent. TD3 is a high performance, reliable, and easy to use forensic duplicator – with a high resolution, color touch screen User Interface (UI). Yes, Tablaeu's TD3 Forensic Imager has color touch screen UI that's enough to make it as a groundbreaking innovation in forensic duplicator design. But Tableau's TD3 is much more than a forensic imager with a touch screen. It's advanced modular design is out of this world.